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Introduction to the CGC Curriculum and Additional Services:

Corporate and Government Consulting has spent years designing and improving a case of soft-skills training modules. These twenty-four modular components are structured and designed to be delivered in a customized format to meet the needs of specific clients. There are two complimentary and connected courses or “Twelve Packs” in the curriculum. The first or basic level course is intended for first level managers and team leaders, and they are also appropriate for prospective supervisors and team leaders. The second “Twelve Pack” is designed for more experienced supervisors and managers, and it is appropriate as a follow-on activity for those completing the basic level course.

CGC offers four different versions of this soft-skills training:

• The full case, twenty four modules

• The Twelve Pack, any twelve of these modules

• The Six Pack, any six of these modules

• Individual Modules to meet specific Client needs

CGC delivered these soft-skills training modules in two different formats:

• The full day format; focus on skill acquisition and competence;

• The half-day format; focus on introduction, awareness and overview.

A typical intervention involves identification of the appropriate client needs, customization of the appropriate modules to meet those needs, delivery of those modules and an evaluation and follow-up with recommended next steps. Four additional services are described at the end of the modules.

Click here for a more detailed curriculum.

We are happy to furnish specific key client references on request

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